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Bedroom blinds roll up. Air conditioner switches off . Geyser is automatically switched on.

You step out of your room and your dining room is already lit up and the ambience is just perfect with the right temperature settings on your Aircon and with the fan running at the required speed level.

The AC has already been switched on when kids gets back from school. With the live feed of the cameras in your home, you can easily check on your kid and get back to work absolutely stress free!. It's nap time and the blinds in your kids room come down to shut out any daylight. The TV swtiches off and the lights switch off.

You're at home and you're having some guests over for a get together. Just press a button and the lights dim at the desired level to set the perfect ambiance for socializing. The bar area and balcony lights are slightly more lit up- to add to the look.

Your living room lights become bright again as you see off your guests. The AC in your rooms switch on and along with the fan maintain the desired ambient temperature. All required appliances in the kitchen are swithed off.

As you enter your bedroom, you get the perfect room temperature for a good night sleep. While in bed, you press a button and all the lights trun off in your home. Alarms and sensors get activated! Your main door is secured.

Interfaces and Apps
Does it feel like you are missing something when you’re separated from your phone even for a bit? Your smartphone is now even smarter as it can now control and monitor your home with our well designed and user friendly iBlink® App. Download it in your registered phone and your home is at your fingertips!
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Download iBlink® app on any tablet authorized by you, can control home from anywhere. App designed in such fashion where user can complete any job within three clicks. Whether you are in the backyard lawn enjoying the evening tea, your master bed in the first floor or playing a game of pool in your basement, access your smart home from wherever you wish to be. 
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Desktop iBlink® app help you to program, integrate, configure the complete house as per your need. When you or any family members wants to do specific changes in scenes, scheduled appliances and any other room names or devices/ appliances name then those changes can be done through iBlink® desktop super friendly application.

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Wall panels are large 10” and 7” screens which makes for easy viewing and provides access to every feature of your smart home to all the members of the family. They can be positioned at a convenient and central location within your home such as a wall of a lobby or a living room. It can even act as a monitor for viewing your installed security cameras.

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Blink™ aesthetically designed table tops are very handy to give you access to every feature of your smart home solution even while you attending important phone call, busy cooking or something. Keep it on your center/kitchen/bed tables and access home features with the touch based interface.

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What Client's Say?

Amazing technology. So easy to use, very useful in today's life. Wonderful service and people. We loved it.

Divya jain / Mahagun Group.

iblink is at my home. It's a different experience where you can control everything through a single touch.

Singer Mikka singh

Extremely effective and & and useful system. Has imporved overall comfort and feel of my home. All A.Cs that are required are turned on in a scheduler and i find the house comfortable when i wake up. Very efficient and prompt service. Team is very willing and motivated . Good!!

Vivek Prakash / Central Park
our partners
iBlink® values each and every partner and through our existing partnerships together we have been able to change the lives of thousands of families across India, GCC & Africa. We aim to achieve long term solutions through our partnerships and are proud that some of our relationships span over few months, even years. Below are some examples of how we work together with a variety of organizations.
central park

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