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smart home automation

Bedroom blinds rolls up to and passes pleasant dawn light in to welcome you in new day. Aircon switches off or fan starts at set speed, desired lights light up, Geyser is automatically switched on so hot water is available when you step into the shower. Living area TV switches ON with preferred channel ……… Good Morning! .

smart home automation

Children room is kissed with similar good morning setup, blinds roll up, Aircon switch off and the bedroom lights illuminate, geyser on. Bell rings with breakfast ready message and maid also allowed inside from front gate by application interfaces while you are at kitchen busy morning task.

smart home automation

You step out of your room and your dining room is already lit up, aircon set at right temperature or fan running at the required speed level. Now as doorbell rings, you have visual of the visitors at your iBlink® panel/tablet or smart phones.

As you ready to step out on professional duty, all you have to do is remotely unlock your secure electronic door lock. In case you have missed something such as bedroom light/ aircon on, microwave on, kids unchecked iBlink® keeps you in touch with home so you can perform such task either prescheduled or at that moment itself.

You are busy in office! Suddenly important guest(s) from abroad knocks at door and no one at home ….. you also can’t reach home immediately? “No problem” just allow guest access remotely by opening front door via iBlink App, bypass the alarms ,aircon has already been turned on in your living room at the required temperature to make you guest(s) comfortable while waiting at home.

smart home automation
smart home automation

Child is back from school and your maid is not able to answer the phone. Before kid panic you/ wife simply click a button and remotely open the door. With the live feed of the cameras in your home you can easily check on your kid and continue to work absolutely stress free! Its nap time and the blinds in your kid’s room rolls down to block unwanted daylight if any.

Your dinning room lights is bright again as per dinner table location and you can have dinner. You see off your guests, Blinds rolled down as right time. The AC/Fan in your rooms switch on to maintain the desired ambient temperature. All required appliances in the kitchen are switched off!

smart home automation
smart home automation

As you enter your bedroom, you get the perfect room temperature for a good night sleep. While in bed, you press a button and Main door get locked, all the lights turn off in your home (with night lights ON if required). Alarms and sensors get activated! You sleep peacefully “No Worries” ……. Good Night !

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