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iblink is a new way of looking at home automation that will put you in control of your home and and life like never before. iblink has been specially designed keeping you and your needs in mind and is therefore a highly personalized solution which is also cost effective.
iblink works by connecting all your existing electrical devices on an approved wireless frequency which can be accessed from virtually anywhere on the planet through your smartphone, tab, laptop etc. with the iblink app downloaded from popular platforms like Android, ios etc. Simply put, all your devices like lights, fans, AC, geyser, security camera, doors, alarms, curtains, TV etc. can be accessed and controlled through your smart devices from anywhere.
iblink breaks the myth that high-end technologies like home automation are meant only for the rich and famous with huge palatial bungalows. In fact, anyone with any number of devices can get in touch with us for a customized solution. Smart home are very suitable for today's mobile couples who are always on the move and need control of their homes on their fingertips.
All you need to do is give us a call. Our smart solutions experts would visit you, study and understand your requirments, expectations, budget and give you a customized solution. The best part is, we do not alter your existing wirings and fittings to accomodate our systems.
All your devices will be connected and will interact with each other via the brain that can be wall mounted or placed in any corner. Your smartphone, tablet, wall panel and table top will interact with the brain that will control and operate all your devices. The best part is, at any given point of time, you can still operate all your devices manually as well over riding the central control.
Once all your devices are connected through the brain, you can start controlling them remotely with the iblink app. Switch on or switch off your devices,check their status, activate /de-activate certain home environments that you have created for your convenience, schedule them, access your home cameras or regulate any remote based electrical device just the way you would control them through your remote. You will even get a notification on your phone in case of any unauthorized changes to your home settings. So the next time you're on a vacation or an office trip, relax; everything in you home will be under your control.
No. You have to pre-authorize the numbers that can have access to your Smart home. No unauthorized person can access your home controls even if they download the iblink app. iblink products are backed by a robust IT infrastructure, certified by European conformity and abetted by technology of international Telecommunication Union. Only internationally followed advanced encryption standard crypto engines are used with all our devices.
Our reponsibilities don't end with the process of installation of smart devices. Our call center comprising trained customer service professionals who are available 24x7 can troubleshoot all problems within a very short time; onsite and even remotely. All you need to do is, relax and enjoy.

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